Pints & Pinball League Overview

Pints & Pinball is a player-centric and community approach to league and club pinball.  Our goal is to provide environments where pinball enthusiasts of all levels can gather, socialize, and compete.

Match Play Leagues

Match play leagues are a competition format where players are put into groups where they compete directly against each other by playing a game together and points are awarded based on how the players finish score-wise relative to each other in that game.  Multiple matches are played and players compete for league standings based on their accumulated league points.

Pints & Pinball Match Play League Structure

Each season will consist of 10 match play sessions and a finals session.  Each session will have players being grouped with other players and competing in 4 match play games.  Sessions will be weekly based on a schedule published at the start of the season.  After 10 sessions, players will be qualified for a finals session based on their league points where a playoff format will determine the player's final rank for the season.  Players will be split into multiple divisions based on their performance during the season for qualifying and competing in the finals.

The Pints & Pinball League operates under a ‘Drop 2’ attendance model where a players two lowest weekly totals are dropped from their league results allowing a greater flexibility for players that may not be able to attend every meet or to accommodate unexpected absences.


Prizes and WPRR points will be awarded based on finishing positions after the finals session.


Players will pay $40 dues per person per season to participate.  The player dues go directly to the league prize payouts.

League Meeting Expectations

All players compete in each regular league session.  Players are encouraged to arrive early to allow themselves to practice or socialize before the league’s published roll call time.  Prior to meet start time, a league officer will perform the roll call and collect any necessary game picks.  

At the league start time or as soon as possible after, a league officer will call out the assigned groups and distribute scoresheets.  Each group will play their games in turn and record their scores.  Upon completion of their matches, groups will return their score sheets to the league official acting as scorekeeper.  Players are free to leave as soon as their group’s games are complete and score sheets are submitted.  Your formal league play typically takes 60-90 minutes.  Players are encouraged to enjoy the venue and company before and after league as appropriate for the location.

End of Season and End of Year Parties

At the end of every season there will be a mini-party, and at the end of every year (after Fall Season) there will be an annual party.  Unique games and game setups, giveaway prizes, food, and music are typical mainstays at each event.

Player Highlight Sheet

Full Rules available on website

Monday Nights

Meet weekly for 10 Meets plus 1 playoff session

Roll Call : 7:15pm

If you are not going to be there, or running late please contact Bryan H *BEFORE* 7:15pm

Contact: Text (703) 216-6359 or email

Attendance: Players attend all 10 meets.  If you can’t make a session, please let us know!  You can miss up to two meets without penalty in our “Drop 2” scoring.  Each player’s lowest two weekly totals are dropped.

Weekly Format: You’ll be put in a group of 3 or 4 players.  Your group will play one multiplayer game on four different machines.  Your objective is to outscore the people in your group on each machine.  You earn league points based on your finish order in each game.

Scoring: Placing in each game is scored based on your machine score.  Even if it doesn’t look like you’re gonna win, keep pushing because there are Bonus points awarded for big wins and spoiling them!

3 Player Group Scoring: 1st Place - 7, 2nd - 4, 3rd - 0

Bonus point: If 1st exceeds the score of 2nd and 3rd combined, add 1 point to 1st.  Else give a point to 3rd place.

4 Player Group Scoring: 1st Place - 7, 2nd - 5, 3rd - 3, 4th - 0

Bonus points: If 1st exceeds the score of 2nd and 3rd combined, add 1 point to 1st.  Else give a point to 3rd place.  If 2nd exceeds the score of 3rd and 4th combined, add 1 point to 2nd.  Else give a point to 4th place.  

Match Points: A virtual fifth match is scored using each player’s total game points from their four games and scored like another game.  

Your Match points are added to your game points for your total for the meet. Your meet points week to week are added up and determine your league standings.

Handicapping and “The Ladder”

Handicapping is handled based on who you are grouped to play with.  Players are initially stacked in a list called “The Ladder”.  The best performers are put at the top and then filled downward.  Each week, groups are formed starting at the top, putting 3 people in a group, and then repeating down the ladder (4 player groups used where needed).  After each meet, players are rearranged in the Ladder based on how they scored that meet.  Winners move up, losers move down.  The movement settles people into playing with others that are performing similar.